At Lindeman Lawyers, we provide a wealth of legal experience.

As solicitors in Port Macquarie, we will ensure that your rights are protected and the best outcome is achieved.

Litigation is “ALL” we do!

At Lindeman Lawyers Port Macquarie, we have experience in the Supreme Court of NSW, the District Court of NSW, the Federal Circuit Court, the Family Court and local courts both locally and nationally. We are litigation solicitors and focus on achieving excellent results in courtrooms across Australia whether you are fighting for “compensation you deserve”, “personal liberty” or the “best interests of your children”.

There are a number of different approaches that a solicitor can take for a legal problem. Many legal problems can be resolved without the the need for judicial findings. At Lindeman Lawyers Port Macquarie, we are able to effectively look at your legal problem and we can provide you with what we believe is the most appropriate course to bring about the outcome you seek.


Litigation & Resolution

Qualified Lawyers in Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution in Port Macquarie.

Family Law

Specialised Port Macquarie Family Lawyer & Family Solicitor in Port Macquarie.


Expert Port Macquarie Compensation Lawyers & Compensation Solicitor in Port Macquarie.

Criminal Law

Professional Port Macquarie Criminal Lawyers & Criminal Solicitor in Port Macquarie.

Experienced Solicitors in Port Macquarie

In many cases you won’t have a choice and will already be involved in a legal process before contacting us. If this is the case, then we can advise you as to how best negotiate interlocutory proceedings and provide you with expert advice from a large pool of barristers that we work with on a daily basis.

Matthew Lindeman

“ I have always found it interesting that my family crest refers to trust when Dr Henry Lindeman was principally known as a founder of the Australian wine industry. In my view the latin phrase appealed more to a lawyer than a wine maker because Clients come to us because someone they trusted has let them down. Trust from a family member, trust from a business associate or a general trust in individuals who we come into contact with in the community. Clients trust me to advise them and represent them to the best of my ability in whatever legal proceedings they’re involved in. I repay their trust by working vigorously for a successful outcome. ”

Fide Sed Cui Vide

Trust, but look to whom you trust.